Meet your Employees
Doug Noe - Porter (M-F, 7-3)
Richard Halterman - Painter (M-F, 8-4)
Iram Castillo, CPO - Head Maint. (M-F, 7-3)
Door Staff
Jose Ocampo - Jose has been with us since 2010 as a part time doorman.   Jose
is originally from Columbia.  He is a full time student at Palm Beach State
College.   Jose enjoys being part of the TEAM at the Regency working for such a
warm unique community.

Jessica Braswell - Jessica started in April 2013 as a “floater” and has now
become our full time day door person.  Originally from Alabama, she moved to
Florida 9 yrs. ago to pursue a graphic design degree.  She received her
Associates degree and is now pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts at
Florida Atlantic University  .  She looks forward to her journey ahead
in which she will share with us in the seasons to come!

Daniel Williams - has lived in the United Kingdom for the past 45 years.  A
recent immigrant to Florida, he is enjoying the new experiences, new opportunities
and the beautiful weather here!!  He loves his new job and enjoys living in Florida.

Gina Sheehy - Gina is a dog lover who spends most of her time with family &
friends.  She loves to socialize and travel.  She is always willing to lend
a helping hand to the Regency family!

Randi Richmond - comes from Little Rock Arkansas, came to visit south Florida in
the early 90's and decided she would never go home!  She is our newest staff
member and we look forward to a long relationship!
Debi Emerson, LCAM
General Manager
Jack Carter has worked at the
Regency for more than 30 years!  Jack
was a porter/ doorman for about 30
years and has become our official
historian!  "Just ask Jack" and he can
tell you!  We still have the pleasure of
seeing Jack on a regular basis when he
works for several of the original
shareholders doing this and that!

Through email he has reconnected with
a long lost lady friend from 58 years
ago all the way in Washington State
and they are getting married - this
month!!  After the wedding on June
24th Naomie Bedard Carter will be
returning to Florida with Jack to enjoy
the rest of their lifes together!!!   

Congratulations to both of them!!
Amanda Schade
Juana  - Porter
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